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Green graphite for a net-zero future

Graphite is crucial for powering the industry, including the growing battery sector. Traditionally, it's sourced through environmentally harmful mining or synthetic production, both significant sources of CO2 emissions. The EU and USA have identified graphite as a critical mineral with a rapidly widening supply-demand gap.

Nordic Bio-Graphite aims to become the leading supplier of high-quality bio-based graphite and high-quality hard carbon. Through patent-pending processes, coming from research at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, Nordic Bio-Graphite produce high-quality biographite using biomass converted into biochar. The CO2-negative method aim to substantially increase the availability of sustainable raw materials.

Application areas

Providing green & sustainable graphite for the industries of tomorrow


Graphite comprises 95% of anode materials in lithium-ion batteries, making it crucial for the global transition to electric vehicles.


Graphite is heavily used in steel industry's electric arc furnaces, which increasingly adopt hydrogen-reduced iron to produce fossil-free steel.


Refractory materials, essential for high-temperature equipment like furnaces and kilns, rely heavily on high-quality graphite and specialized maintenance services.

our approach

The patent pending production processes have demonstrated effectiveness in a research laboratory setting, showing successful application in both battery and electric arc furnace scenarios. The next phase involves establishing a pilot plant to produce BioGraphite in larger quantities.


The team combines leading material technology experts with more than 180 publications in the field, top European innovators and advisory support from venture capital and materials production sectors.

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